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Rather than obsessing over tidiness, look for peace of mind whatever your surroundings
The level of both tidiness and maintenance was judged by observation.
Poems' subjects range from the need to cultivate respectful tidiness to unhealthy disputes.
Today acting assistant manager Barry Kent, left, and mechanical engineer David Duke in front of East Hetton Colliery, County Durham, which had just come out on top of the area's tidiness and safety competition .
New captain Kelly Brook (right) adds bang tidiness as Keith Lemon hosts another episode of the madcap game show.
The tidiness leaves the band nowhere to hide: Each note and chord stands exposed, brazenly inviting scrutiny.
Brian - known for his love of tidiness and bursting into tears after having a go at boxer David Haye for throwing a log - was last seen during Sunday night's Bushtucker Trial, joking with the other contestants.
Here we have someone, through a misguided notion of tidiness, calling for the spraying of herbicides to eradicate 'weeds'.
He's obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness but he's also harbouring an obsession for model Nerissa Nash (Elarica Gallacher).
Walls and hedges must be at least 30 metres in length, with marks awarded for style, landscape impact, site tidiness and difficulty of terrain.
Good to see Caludon Castle Park has won a green flag award for, amongst other things, tidiness.
Its tidiness and peaceful atmosphere are admirable.