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Brian - known for his love of tidiness and bursting into tears after having a go at boxer David Haye for throwing a log - was last seen during Sunday night's Bushtucker Trial, joking with the other contestants.
Teknomek has launched a new preparation unit, which features a practical, multi-purpose design to promote cleanliness and tidiness.
Here we have someone, through a misguided notion of tidiness, calling for the spraying of herbicides to eradicate 'weeds'.
He's obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness but he's also harbouring an obsession for model Nerissa Nash (Elarica Gallacher).
Walls and hedges must be at least 30 metres in length, with marks awarded for style, landscape impact, site tidiness and difficulty of terrain.
Good to see Caludon Castle Park has won a green flag award for, amongst other things, tidiness.
Its tidiness and peaceful atmosphere are admirable.
For example, sleek and minimal contemporary furniture may reflect the homeowner's appreciation of open space and tidiness, while eclectic furniture arrangements may reflect the homeowner's sense of adventure and outgoingness.
Other lecture topics include human resources services, summer diseases/vaccines, food safety and accommodation hygiene monitoring and a number of religious lectures, including sincere work, tidiness and prayer, charity and blessed life.
We considered the tidiness of the place and personal hygiene for employees.
A national barometer developed by Lloyds TSB Insurance ranks Britain's biggest cities against ve different objective measures of 'neighbourliness' - consideration, tolerance, friendliness, tidiness and vigilance.
Fern Otawa, a member of the Glen Morris Communities in Bloom Committee, displayed two awards received from the Ontario Communities in Bloom Committee--the Five Blooms Award and the Tidiness Award.