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Tidy away everyday items to ensure worktops, tables and window sills are clear of day-to-day clutter and ensure every room is as pristine as you would have it for a viewing.
But before ministers can meet, negotiators need to tidy away a whole range of complicated technical issues.
Indignity: Corinne Mitchell, inset, kneels by her killer son Luke as he puffs on a fag during a callous visit to Jodi's grave on the day the schoolgirl was buried; Dignity: Jodi's mum Judy, inset, her partner Allen Ovens and gran Alice Walker tidy away spent floral tributes from the murdered schoolgirl's grave yesterday; Support: Corinne hugs monster Luke; Uncle: Des Guetta
Almost two thirds (62%) of workers agreed they would have a greater incentive to tidy away paper work if their current filing system was overhauled, with three-quarters (75%) claiming that bright, fresh and funky storage solutions would make filing more fun.
So I got on Twitter and Facebook and asked for people to come up and help tidy away some of the rubbish.
Now the firm, which employs more than 20 people, is making its move into Croatia with its trunking products - aesthetically-pleasing covers to tidy away cables and wires - thanks to the backing of retail giant B&Q which is aiding consumer confidence in the company.
It's also advisable to tidy away items such as laptops and jewellery, although you should do this for any type of viewing.
However, the Saddlers boast a tidy away record and secured a valuable point from a 2-2 draw at Crawley Town last Saturday.
30am Back from his walk with the dogs, Michael and I enjoy breakfast together before he heads out the door to work, leaving me with enough time to tidy away the breakfast dishes before I leave the house for work.
THIS tiny device helps you tidy away excess headphone cable.