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Also look out for accessories which can be hung on doors and used for tidying away toys.
For the girls, tidying away their toys ended up giving them an early introduction into the world of business - and their mum is now tipping them to become Alan Sugar's TV apprentices.
They included removing obstacles, tidying away trailing wires and cables and clearing walkways.
They worry about the mounting tasks and responsibilities leading up to Christmas when arranging everything for their family and friends, including the gift and food shopping, cleaning, writing and posting cards, wrapping gifts, cooking, serving and tidying away.
A decent wardrobe is a worthwhile investment, while boxes for tidying away odds-and-ends and containers with see-through sides for stacking will make it easy to identify the contents inside.
I know that when my two hour, once a week cleaner arrives I have moved like a tornado an hour beforehand, collecting debris and detritus and tidying away stuff that might make us look like the slobs we probably are.