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TIE. When two persons receive an equal number of votes at an election, there is said to be a tie.
     2. In that case neither is elected. When the votes are given on any question to be decided by a deliberative assembly, and there is a tie, the question is lost. Vide Majority.

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And still another stock that Harmon thinks worth taking a look at is Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI), based on its slew of movie tie ins including what could be some summer blockbusters, including the X-Men.
Tie ins with the local PBS stations KPTS, Wichita, and KLVX, Las Vegas were created to promote viewership in the local area.
Petersen said Telepartner expects to enhance this revenue potential through the addition of related products and through tie ins to Telepartner's existing and very successful trade catalogs.