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TIE. When two persons receive an equal number of votes at an election, there is said to be a tie.
     2. In that case neither is elected. When the votes are given on any question to be decided by a deliberative assembly, and there is a tie, the question is lost. Vide Majority.

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It has something special to offer everyone because here you can tie the knot anywhere, at the top of a lighthouse or in one of the most beautiful castles in the world.
Partnered by Patrick Payne, Tie The Knot produced a powerful finishing burst to beat the two New Zealand mares Hill Of Grace and Giovana.
French law requires foreign citizens who wish to marry to have been resident in the country for 40 days before the wedding, so West and Kardashian will tie the knot in Los Angeles prior to flying to Europe.
Everything seemed to be going to plan until her waters broke three days before they were due to tie the knot.
No3 will be in Simonne's home town of Milton Keynes in August and in September they tie the knot in Florida for Simonne's dad Peter.
JR was even in town - but it was multi-millionaire JR Shaw, who saw his billionaire niece Virginia Shaw tie the knot with Scots dad of one Les Hutchison.
Ashley, actor Steven Arnold, and nanny Claire Casey (Julia Howarth) tie the knot in Coronation Street's Christmas Day episode.
Tie The Knot, sent off at 8-11, was locked in a tight pocket entering the straight and jockey Shane Dye had no option but to wait for a run up the rail.
On June 27th, all four couples will be in-studio and will find out whether they have been selected to tie the knot on TODAY.
London, March 6 ( ANI ): Speculations are rife that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have set the date of their wedding and will tie the knot on May 24 2014.
Summary: A fanfare of trumpets will ring out from the RAF Central Band the moment Wills and Kate tie the knot on April 29.
John and Lisa tie the knot at last in their home town of Bolton Picture: BRIAN WILLIAMSON; Adrian died in balcony fall