tie together

See: intertwine
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1 : to put a strip of material on or around : tie together with a band <The envelopes are banded in packs of 50.
Almost two hundred color and black and white images include personal photos of Driskell and his works and tie together all aspects of his paintings, drawings and collages, providing an illuminating survey of the modern artist's many talents.
It also serves to tie together the disparate parts of this large open work space, and relieves it from a relentlessness so often found in corporate interiors.
She uses the painted drum as an object of spiritual continuity to tie together the family stories told by three different narrators.
ROM's bar coding capabilities are a big part of what allows the software to sensibly tie together operations from the scale house to the shipping dock--and everything in between.
In the world of physics, the sexiest topic is the high-stakes search for a theory to tie together all modern physical theories and explain the universe, Physicist Oerter writes that in comparison, a theory that already explains much about how the universe works gets little attention.
That fact allows writer-director Rodney Evans to tie together scenes of the Harlem Renaissance with a modern story line in which an elderly Nugent befriends a young African-American gay man named Perry (Anthony Mackie).
We are hoping to tie together all events and have it to the district attorney by the end of the week,'' Knapp said.
Interesting left over scraps of photo cuttings can also be used to help repeat and tie together colors, shapes, and textures in the work.
She does not fully tie together his authoritarian ideas and practices; she overlooks his painting and underrates his wildly inspiring wit.
Baskerville said Clickpub meets the need to tie together web site design, personalization, search, e-mail messaging, content management, digital and non-digital delivery, subscription tracking, pay-per-article and special bundling, split-pricing, promotion tracking, legacy fulfillment systems, accounting, and reporting.
To start, loop and tie together the twine and a piece of wet raffia at least a foot long (add more as needed)--see step 1 in drawings below.