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The list includes tie-ins based on observances, holidays, birthdays, cultural oddities and other topics of interest.
Media tie-in work fills a (thankfully) separate section of the s.
At the same time some of the more extreme tie-ins, such as redemption charges of more than 4.
Tie-ins for the Southern Living Visa will include discounts on Southern Living products purchased with the card.
It used to be just Disney, through the mid-'90s, that released two movies a year with good tie-ins.
Installation of the subsea structures, umbilicals, tie-ins spools and system testing will be completed by the Diving Support Vessels CSO Wellservicer and CSO Orelia.
70 per cent five-year fix has no extended tie-ins, though you must take their insurance and there is an arrangement fee of pounds 395.
Madelyn's experience and accomplishments in film promotion are a welcome addition to MGM, particularly with all of the numerous promotions and tie-ins we have planned for our new films in the coming months," Christiansen stated.
But there are some supermarket product tie-ins on store shelves, including cereal and fruit snakes produced by General Mills Inc.
Stolt is presently preparing to perform riser tie-ins at the existing Brazos Block 538 platform and will tie-in the pipeline at the Galveston Block A244 location following platform installation this month.
543, legislation passed by the Senate in 1991 to protect consumers against credit tie-ins and coercion, close loopholes that give banks an unfair competitive advantage over agents and restrict the comptroller of the currency's authority to expand bank insurance powers.
This momentum should continue as we leverage additional tie-ins and partnerships, and ready the launch of our next game, Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave in October.