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Nationwide, tight money and rising car prices have increased the appeal of automobile leasing.
We have already had tight money for 2 1/2 years, and it's unlikely it will get any tighter even with inflation being higher.
Economists have been forecasting a recession or a "soft landing" for the national economy for some time, with the Federal Reserve maintaining a tight money stance to ward off inflation.
Why did the Explorer program slow so dramatically, given its relatively modest effects on NASA's tight money supply?
With the average cost of a new rig running $125,000 plus, and in this era of tight money, financing is almost impossible.
If Carney and Osborne target the UK home mortgage market with loan-to-market value caps at a time when oil prices go ballistic, the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is now on tight money alert.
He said the parks maintenance division is facing budget cuts and questioned spending tight money to accommodate the Axemen, a relatively small park "user group.
Many Cypriots, especially those not planning on selling their property, would most probably prefer to wait a few more years for a title deed rather than pay thousands of euros in fines and taxes to have one issued, at a time of economic uncertainty and tight money.
But however tight money is, we know we can count on public-spirited Merseysiders to continue doing what they can to back the charities, groups and organisations who make us all so proud.
After a difficult two years of economic reconversion from a wartime economy and the country aware of a Soviet threat, Truman oversaw the beginning of the postwar prosperity and seized the foreign policy initiative with the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and the Berlin Airlift; Eisenhower benefited from the mid-1950s boom and was able to find middle ground with the moderate congressional Democrats; Reagan reaped the benefits of his deep tax cuts and Paul Volcker's tight money policy as inflation cooled and the economy came booming back; Clinton, with his extraordinary dexterity, outmaneuvered the Republicans on government shutdowns, and accepted their ideas on welfare reform, capital gains reductions, and a balanced budget.
The central bank has injected CNY166bn into the money markets this week to ease tight money supply.
In a year of tight money and a slow economy, town meeting voters approved the $550,000 purchase Monday night.