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NICOLAS Sarkozy's ex-wife Cecilia has branded the French president as "flakey, tight-fisted and anti-social".
And he insists he feels at home among Scots who, he reckons, have a reputation for being tight-fisted.
The figure puts paid to our tight-fisted reputation - but the generosity comes at cost, with many people plunged into debt.
A TIGHT-FISTED England star took his wife and kids on holiday with budget airline easyJet while he earned pounds 1.
Byline: PAUL ROUTLEDGE on how tight-fisted Chancellor is exploiting elderly
Tight-fisted males, on the other hand, prefer to do it themselves with a bucket and sponge.
I am totally mortified at just how tight-fisted those in power are where money is concerned, money that is desperately needed for health issues.
A heavy drinker, tight-fisted, physically abusive and (on the evidence here) not even especially funny, the comic is an unlikely candidate for national treasure status.
If they are too tight-fisted to pay the PS35, they can always jump in their cars and drive the stuff to the nearest tip.
DURING our candlelit Valentine's meal, my wife called me the "the most tight-fisted, thoughtless individual in the world".
The original, with the late, great Ronnie Barker as tight-fisted shopkeeper Arkwright - Granville's uncle - ran between 1973 and 1985.
SOME Scousers With Jokes (BBC4, Wednesday) - part of the Some People With Jokes series, also featuring vicars and boffins, for some reason - must be a tight-fisted BBC accountant's dream.