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I do not demur from the assertion that there are the odd ones who are miserable, and I expect more than one trainer is tight-fisted.
I'd give the whole pile of pixilated pookies two of those tight-fisted, mean, pinched, Daddy's-got-your-nose thumbs up.
With banks and insurance companies still tight-fisted on real estate lending, particularly for commercial and multi-family residential properties, the equity REIT has become a lender of last resort," Karr added.
The survey suggests several important trends - first, that senior executives may not be as tight-fisted when it comes to IT as their reputations suggest and that they see the value of technology as a means of propelling their business forward," said Managed Objects' CEO Siki Giunta.
If you're flying on the notoriously tight-fisted budget airline, a quick pint or six in the airport Wetherspoons is likely to be the last time you experience any joy in your life until you land.
If they are too tight-fisted to pay the PS35, they can always jump in their cars and drive the stuff to the nearest tip.
our She does little to cheer her own staff, this tight-fisted old broad with wealth beyond our ken.
We're depicted as drunks, fat, brutish and tight-fisted, yet we take it in good humour.
Council should show some charity * A REGULAR activity organised by Liz Mullen has now had to move to a different venue from Roath Park because the tight-fisted council has hit her with an astronomical increase in the rate they charge ("Rocketing costs force teddy bear picnic to move", May 1).
TIGHT-FISTED police chiefs have been attacked for refusing to compensate shops attacked during last summer's riots.
If councils turn down the money they are seen as being mean and tight-fisted.
Let's hope the tight-fisted Reds defence can keep him at bay and Rafa Benitez's men can make up for lost time in closing the gap on Manchester United and Chelsea.