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Many of the 2000 residentshave formed an action group claiming their tight-knit community is "being destroyed.
The supercharged Mustang Cobra, Lightning pickup, SVT Contour and Focus, Ford GT, and the basis for the 2006 Shelby GT500--sans the production car's live rear axle--came from Coletti's tight-knit engineering team, his ability to bend the system to his will, and to ignore the rulebook altogether when necessary.
It's been down to a good team spirit and a tight-knit group.
The community, now emerging on prime property in the Wesley Lake district, is designed to create a diverse, vibrant, walkable neighborhood reminiscent of the tight-knit communities of by-gone days.
Within this small but tight-knit community, baseball and its attendant activities provide a strong social focus.
One of the truisms about the paper industry is that we are a tight-knit bunch, and that people like to stay in this industry once they are in it.
Expecting to cruise on through eighth grade and start their high school careers, the tight-knit group encounters many obstacles that force them to face emotions, change and the threat of the end of their lifelong friendship.
Asians should be included in the data to ascertain why this group has such a great academic advantage; one reason is perhaps their tight-knit traditional family structure.
He said the loss of six soldiers from such a small, tight-knit unit as 156 Provost Company clearly came as a dreadful shock to them all.
In addition, he said the tight-knit relationship among the company's six-member management team consisting of the chief executive officer, chief underwriting officer, chief information officer, chief financial officer, chief claims officer and chief personnel officer, helps to drive the company's success.
Somewhat of a hellion, Watts was held in check by his tight-knit community and his father's penchant for corporal punishment.
It is a pleasure to realize that those outside the tight-knit dance community value the work that is being done by dancers (gay and straight alike).