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A spokesman for Aston Villa also remained tight-lipped.
But the stars of the new Scooby Doo film, who famously guard their privacy, were still tight-lipped.
A TIGHT-LIPPED John Gregory yesterday stormed out of Bramall Lane after a disciplinary panel handed the new Derby manager a three-match touchline ban and a pounds 12,000 fine.
Because the Nobel Committee is notoriously tight-lipped, the general public never finds out who finished second in the voting.
As a young student, Bresson, who's tight-lipped about his youth here--tight-lipped about everything, really--excelled at those very disciplines that priests in cold places teach best: Latin, Greek, philosophy and desire.
Patch has been viewed as a "little darling" in the Alberta oil sands properties, as a small, yet shrewd bidder, but with the advent of the drilling season there, the company has become tight-lipped over its lucrative oil sands developments.
The stunning brunette who split from TV presenter Ryan Tubridy last year still remains tight-lipped about the breakup.
However she was unusually tight-lipped after the press call when interviewed by the media on other subjects.
INDIAN giant Tata Motors is staying tight-lipped over reports that the outgoing boss of General Motors in Europe would be joining Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).
A very special guest has been lined up to headline but promoters are staying tight-lipped about the notorious frontman and his band.
Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies across Los Angeles remained tight-lipped Friday as to whether they were rechecking cold cases after reports that the snipers shot a man in Southern California during a robbery in February or March 2002.
Toyota are remaining tight-lipped, but sources say a version of the Isis could appear in the UK some time next year.