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Villa and Mr Ansell were keeping tight-lipped last night, although the decision to leave comes after Mr Ellis said last month that he would determine how much cash the club would spend in the January transfer window.
It's all here in a tour de force that will have experienced heads laughing, then nodding in tight-lipped "been there" agreement.
As for the next episode of the Coheed and Cambria saga, which is due out in the latter part of 2003, Sanchez is naturally tight-lipped.
Terse, tight-lipped and fevered Victor LaValle's The Ecstatic is an auspicious first novel that ranges with obsessive-compulsive precision over the same pulpy patch of black-geek meta-culture that Colson Whitehead so slyly (and effectively) attacked with The Intuitionist.
Good grief In a 2-year study, bereaved spouses who often talked with others and briefly wrote in diaries about their emotions fared no better psychologically than their tight-lipped, unexpressive counterparts did (161:131 *).
Because the Nobel Committee is notoriously tight-lipped, the general public never finds out who finished second in the voting.
As a young student, Bresson, who's tight-lipped about his youth here--tight-lipped about everything, really--excelled at those very disciplines that priests in cold places teach best: Latin, Greek, philosophy and desire.
Patch has been viewed as a "little darling" in the Alberta oil sands properties, as a small, yet shrewd bidder, but with the advent of the drilling season there, the company has become tight-lipped over its lucrative oil sands developments.
The stunning brunette who split from TV presenter Ryan Tubridy last year still remains tight-lipped about the breakup.
However she was unusually tight-lipped after the press call when interviewed by the media on other subjects.
Coronation Street bosses remain tight-lipped over who dies in the disaster but key characters are set to go.
United officials remained tight-lipped last night on Owen joining, but a move looks a distinct possibility.