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Let it want what it may," replied Don Quixote, "it shall not be said of me now or at any time that tears or entreaties turned me aside from doing what was in accordance with knightly usage; and so I beg of thee, Sancho, to hold thy peace, for God, who has put it into my heart to undertake now this so unexampled and terrible adventure, will take care to watch over my safety and console thy sorrow; what thou hast to do is to tighten Rocinante's girths well, and wait here, for I shall come back shortly, alive or dead.
Presently the beast dropped to the earth again and Tarzan came quickly to seize the rope, but Sabor had now found that it was only a slender cord that held her, and grasping it in her huge jaws severed it before Tarzan could tighten the strangling noose a second time.
It was the practice of our venerable ancestors to apply that ingenious instrument the thumb-screw, and to tighten and tighten it in order to elicit non-existent facts; they had a fixed opinion to begin with, that the facts were existent, and what had they to do but to tighten the thumb-screw?
Meso-CRF Tighten utilises both resistive radiofrequency and skin firming actives such as centella and ascorbic acid to tighten up existing collagen and elastin and stimulate skin fibroblasts (collagen cells) to produce new ones.
Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen, said on Thursday that the Central Bank would be best advised to tighten policy that would not hurt the labour market.
You'll need to put on and tighten the lug nuts for your FMTV's tires to the left or right, depending on which side of the truck you're on.
Summary: Pressure on China to tighten monetary policy and macroeconomic controls is easing as inflation will be "relatively low" this month due to slowing food-price gains, central bank adviser Song Guoqing said.
Marian Northington, assistant professor of dermatology at UAB and cosmetic expert, said: "Thermage emits radio waves that travel very deeply into the skin and the subcutaneous tissue to promote collagen remodeling and help tighten skin.
Now with Liquid Virgin tightening lubricant, even women on a budget can afford to "temporarily tighten the walls of the vagina.
The SANI-TORQ[TM] clamping device is designed to tighten sanitary clamps to a specified torque setting.
This audible and tactile indicator lets the installer hand tighten fittings without tools (such as a torque wrench), or guesswork.
The authority is unlikely to tighten too much ahead of the Olympics in 2008 as well.