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As part of the government's drive to tighten belts, operational costs were reduced from e1/41.
The Government should understand that you can only tighten belts so far.
Families have been forced to tighten belts and limit their expenses for heating and electricity, food, education and savings.
Europe now has to do what Asian countries did when they faced a similar crisis: Tighten belts and live within their means.
An obvious response from business is to tighten belts and seek to reduce costs in search of greater competitiveness.
Homes across Britain are having to tighten belts at the very time when fears about unemployment are reaching epidemic proportions.
David Cameron says the public sector should tighten belts and come clean where taxpayers' money is spent.
As food manufacturers continue to cut costs and tighten belts, many are evaluating the possible acquisition of used equipment to determine the true value of such a purchase.
Everyone is trying to pinch pennies and tighten belts, although if you ate as much as me in December that one's a tough cookie to crack.