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The fan belt tightener puts the right amount of tension on your scraper's fan belt.
Early custom efforts at a slide-mounted group tightener added a significant amount of bulk to the pistol.
The monoblock uses a starwheel that rotates each bottle automatically from the in-feed conveyor to the dual head fillers, on to the dropper tip inserter, then to the cap inserter and cap tightener, past the reject system and back onto the out-feed conveyor line.
The next weekend, she had a skate tightener in her hand, and did them up so tight my feet ached for the entire game.
Spoke tightener or needle-nose pliers--for spoked wheels.
dismantling yoke, bonnet tightener & other parts from the valve body.
s (ADI) Swan-Matic Division has improved the C600 Rotary Trigger Spray Cap Tightener with a new, redesigned model.
The NextFit's exclusive SuperCinch (TM) LATCH tightener uses force-multiplying technology to help achieve a tight and secure fit, making installation easy.
New Pore Solution clarifying lotion and Pore Thing with Evermat t-zone pore tightener both rely on active ingredients to strengthen pore walls to restore flexibility, reduce the appearance of dilated pores and mattify shine, according to the company.
This instant brightener and tightener is perfect for the morning after.
One end of the long trellis wire is attached to the large gate post, the other to a homemade wire tightener made of threaded rod, nuts, and washers that goes through a separate post (see photo).
Chief rack tightener, a spot of disembowelling, that sort of thing.