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Pawing and tearing at earth and air, Sabor rolled and threw herself this way and that in an effort to dislodge this strange antagonist; but ever tighter and tighter drew the iron bands that were forcing her head lower and lower upon her tawny breast.
said the captain, causing Quasimodo's straps to be drawn tighter, "I should have preferred to keep the wench.
The people had come in hordes; and old Durham had squeezed them tighter and tighter, speeding them up and grinding them to pieces and sending for new ones.
She held her hands tighter and turned her eyes toward him.
I've been in a few tight corners but nothing tighter than that.
Clasp your arm tighter,' said Sikes, as he drew him through the window.
Global Banking News-November 24, 2017--Fitch says tighter rules could restrict Chinese banks' profit
Tighter checks for passengers will be implemented from October 9, airport operator Hermes said on Friday.
Zeppelin becoming tighter, of guitar hero Jimmy Page, who has made it his mission to complete the band's canon, didn't hesitate.
Saudi Arabia's slowing economy, tighter liquidity and rising interbank rates mean investors should avoid the country's banks, Dubai-based Arqaam Capital said.
On the cover of June 2015 issue of Petersen's BOWHUNTING, there is a bullet directing you to Shoot Tighter Groups on page 24.
9 billion from 144 accounts, allowing the issuer to price the deal at 20bp tighter from its initial price guidance.