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In this study we try to answer the question which tillage method is best for the production of buckwheat.
For more than two decades, the Center gathered detailed data on conservation tillage adoption nationwide, and challenged growers to explore the economic benefits of no-till through its MAX (Farming for Maximum Efficiency) profitability analysis program.
Tillage management systems for cotton changed relatively little here during the last half of the 20th century (Abernathy et al.
Strip tillage is the practice of tilling a field in strips up to a foot wide and eight to nine inches deep, rather than tilling the entire field, so that crop residues can be left on the surface of most of the field.
for annual croplands it represents different tillage alternatives), and carbon input level, respectively, which define the land use and management conditions on each parcel of land.
Zero tillage (or direct seeding) is a soil and crop management option that places seed and fertiliser into an undisturbed seedbed, packs the furrow and retains adequate surface residues to prevent soil erosion.
Progressive farmers can reduce damage to soils by reducing tillage, managing irrigation to minimize water loss (and hence salt build-up from evaporation) and planting cover crops.
For tillage farms, there has already been a significant change to the labour units, although the larger units are still striving for greater efficiencies," said Graham Croucher of the National Farm Research Unit.
The conventional tillage practices after rice harvest involve extensive ploughing with common cultivator an/or deep tillage implements for preparation of a fine seedbed for wheat planting which is time consuming as well as costly.
the traditional agriculture in Latin America uses zero tillage, yet is