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A great broken bough upon the grass showed whence he had gained his leverage to tilt over our bridge.
And as the carter went on with the other two horses, she again crept under the tilt of the cart, and pecked out the bung of the second cask, so that all the wine ran out.
Better to cling to the smooth stone he kicked off his sandals of zitidar hide and with his bare feet braced himself against the sickening tilt, at the same time throwing his arms supportingly about the girl.
He thinks he remembers the days before he was lost, with their manners and customs, and this has given his nose an offensive tilt.
Maimie also noticed that the whole cavalcade seemed to be in a passion, tilting their noses higher than it can be safe for even fairies to tilt them, and she concluded that this must be another case in which the doctor had said "Cold, quite cold
He saw the plane tilt and the machine rise from the ground.
And surely, as Norman of Torn turned in the direction from which he had just come, there, racing toward him at full tilt, rode three steel-armored men on their mighty horses.
Think of the ships at sea--how they will steam on and on, until the furnaces die down or until they run full tilt upon some beach.
In racing across an open space I ran full tilt upon a colony of snakes.
Had it happened any other time it would have passed unnoticed, but, fresh from the tilt with his stenographer, Daylight was struck immediately by the Englishman's I shall.
He was sitting beside her, quite beside her, and the boat seemed to tilt her toward him.
Here he broke off to tilt to his mouth the opened bottle Kwaque handed him.