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He so sidled and twittered and tilted as he hopped on his bush.
After each question he tilted me over a little more, so as to give me a greater sense of helplessness and danger.
He glanced up at it, and then, to our amazement, he sprang from his rock, and, seizing Summerlee by the neck, he tilted his face into the air.
Then, blowing the froth a little way to make room for his lips, he tilted the bottom of the pot higher and higher, till it pointed to the sky, and he had to shut his eyes to keep the dazzle of the sunshine out of them.
His face was fresh and rosy, his white-plumed hat, tilted to one side, disclosed his curled and pomaded hair besprinkled with powdery snow.
Between his teeth, a cigar stump was tilted at the angle of defiance.
His forehead, which pressed upon the near edge of the plate, tilted the plate up against his hair at an angle of forty-five degrees.
It is considered smart to wear your school hat tilted over your left eye.
His right wing caught it first--a sudden, sharp puff that lifted and tilted the monoplane and threatened to capsize it.
In a very short time the odious fellow appeared again, strolling, absolutely strolling back, his hat now tilted a little on one side, with an air of leisure and satisfaction.
The shaft-horses were tilted against the shafts by the ruts, but the dexterous driver sitting on the box held the shaft over the ruts, so that the wheels ran on the smooth part of the road.
Visitors in want of breakfast--unless they were horses or cattle, for which class of guests there was preparation enough in the way of water-trough and hay--were so unusual at the sign of The Tilted Wagon, that it took a long time to get the wagon into the track of tea and toast and bacon.