time interval

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by provisions of standard (LST ISO 1996-2:2008), the results of equivalent level determined in the representative time interval may be extrapolated into rating time intervals day (12 h from 06:00 to 18:00)--[L.
It very seems the author had in mind that the time interval to be corrected [delta]t' = [[tau].
However, the difference in reduction of MS counts in saliva between the two groups was not statistically significant at any of the time intervals (p>0.
This temperature was used to try to generate more chemical relaxation in these shorter time intervals.
Each time interval has its own unique network congestion level (Jason, 1991; Wu, et al.
The CV at the time interval of 0 days refers to the analytical variation for duplicates of a single sample, i.
The NRC said that a design basis analysis was not developed for single safety injection pump operation in a time interval during a large break loss of coolant accident when the Emergency Core Cooling System would switch over from an injection phase to a recirculation phase.
74 million tonnes of crude steel in the mentioned time interval.
At time interval zero, there is a very small peak compared to the peaks that are observed at multiples of the excitation laser repetition rate.
Thus, for the "start" setup in table 9, the following time interval calculations apply: