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The implications for education that emanate from such studies are enormous, widespread, and address such questions as these: If time of day is a significant factor in the performance of students and teachers, should schools attempt to match preferred time of day to tasks of both students and teachers?
Seizures can happen several times a day - at any time of day or night - or once every few years.
Irma De la Rosa, Alfredo Feria-Velasco and their colleagues at the Unidad de Investigacion Biomedica de Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico, suspected another variable might affect MSG toxicity: time of day.
The Ellacoya system provides the foundation for not only delivering subscriber usage data on a granular basis, by application and time of day, but for defining policies and enforcing them based on the individual customer's service plan.
The Pittsburgh study required people to stay awake for 36 hours in a room where they had no clues as to the time of day.
This allows a person who is taking several prescriptions to accurately access all of their medications for a particular time of day from one blister.
Control can be based on individual or group credits, time of day, the type of service used, specific telephone numbers, and classification of appropriate content.
A key advancement to the company's system, the "Game Activation Scheduler" was designed to allow slot game offerings to be deployed on a schedule to meet customer demographics which can change depending on time of day, day of the week or season.
The peak listening time can be defined as the time of day which has the largest audience and, therefore, is associated with the highest advertising rates.