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Auto playback, based on the time of day and the kind of music you prefer.
Design of the experimental dive also included experimental shelf surveys to assess effects of time of day and presence or absence of a net.
Although the term preference implies choice on the part of the individual, studies are beginning to validate the stand that several factors, many physiological and beyond the control of the individual, are combining to make time of day a defining element in performance.
Further automation is available with an automatic call-out from a fuel computer directly to the appropriate service when a heating system requires immediate servicing any time of day or night.
The time of day when psychological testing takes place has an important effect on the responses of younger and older people, assert Cynthia P May of Duke University in Durham, N.
According to Chandler-Pepelnjak, "This case study, the first of its kind, validates that cross promotion significantly contributes to an increase in VOD viewership, and that time of day is just as critical as the content running.
If you feel drowsy, note the time of day and temperature.
Seizures can happen several times a day - at any time of day or night - or once every few years.
Irma De la Rosa, Alfredo Feria-Velasco and their colleagues at the Unidad de Investigacion Biomedica de Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico, suspected another variable might affect MSG toxicity: time of day.