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According to an official with the Time-honored Brand Working Committee of China General Chamber of Commerce, time-honored brands are Chinese ethnic brands with distinctive ethnic cultural background and profound cultural heritage, which should be protected and promoted by the whole society.
The bulletin's effective date goes back over 20 years to January 1, 1975, so it includes many time-honored advisory practices.
Of course, this requires that the reader give up some old and time-honored assumptions.
This strongly recommended collection of images is accompanied and enhanced by an informative foreword, an imaginative introduction pretending to explain the book's title, three stories, a recipe that simply does not belong in any cookbook, and a short treatise on the time-honored art of etching.
But nothing embodies our mission more than our Awards of Honor, where we pay tribute to the best in the New York real estate and construction, even as we bear witness to two of the most time-honored professions of the Irish tradition.
The time-honored way to assess the quality of a watermark is to scrutinize a sample with light shining through it.
Mama Coco's is an Earth-friendly, cruelty-free company based in Honolulu that offers lip balms made in the time-honored island tradition of hand pressing fresh, sun-roasted coconut meat to produce virgin coconut oil.
COMMUNIST PARTY doctrine may be evolving, but the Chinese government recently renewed its commitment to a time-honored practice: censorship.
Urging voters to fill out applications for absentee ballots is a time-honored tactic to boost candidates and causes - and this year is no exception.
New works from Askia Toure and Cheryl Boyce Taylor, may find you trekking out to your own local coffee house to take part in this time-honored tradition of the lyrical dance.
In addition to showing off, the singer transforms his falsetto into an instrument that in this anthology encompasses the time-honored emotions of rage, regret, and de, sire.

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