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In a time-out situation, one coach might present process oriented statements, trying to keep the players "on track" and focused on the next actions of the game, while another coach under stress might focus on "the need to win this one to stay in the race for the play-offs.
It has apparently become SOP to call a time-out in every potential jump-ball situation in order to retain possession.
This could lead to a fractured second half, with time-outs used to stop a team's momentum.
And the Rivacre Road boss added: ``Perhaps it might be a good idea to have one of those American-style time-outs after an hour to try and help cure the problem
The group performs hip-hop and jazz choreography during the quarter breaks and time-outs at Knicks basketball games.
We've tried time-outs, spells on the naughty chair and even putting him to bed early, but none of it has worked.
With three minutes and 50 seconds left on the clock, the Cardinals started a drive from their 15-yard line and with a few passes getting nine yards at a time, with two minutes and two time-outs left they were at the Warriors' 20-yard line.
Both of these Essexbased stylists are flair players who will always look to take a pot on unless a safety shot is absolutely necessary and they are so brisk around the table that time-outs are rarely required in the shot-clock format.
They opened the match with a music video replica of Fight for this Love by Cheryl Cole, and also performed during time-outs in the game.
Latency during peak periods: A worst-case scenario should be factored into the design of the transmission network, since spikes in data activity could degrade overall performance, or cause application time-outs due to extended latencies.
Every Thursday, the parents gather around a table at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute to learn such tactics as when to praise, when to ignore, when to call time-outs and how to use voice, touch and eye contact.
In spite of the incessant rain and the periodic time-outs, during which we chased behind our luggage and their furniture as the mud carried it down the hill to the garage sales of Guerneville, a productive time was had by all.
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