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Invest in a timelessly designed table so it's simply the amethyst seating that changes when you're ready for a new look.
Her values are fairness, timelessly Labour, and so are oddly out of tune with Scotland right now.
As for those who believe and do right actions and humble themselves before their Lord, they are the Companions of the Heaven, remaining in it timelessly, for ever.
With lead guitarist Mick Taylor at the peak of his powers, this is timelessly tremendous.
Needless to say, Kayrouz is faithful to his skill of transforming relaxed clothing into timelessly elegant and ultra-chic pieces.
Indian Scientist: Once while pounding halila (Myrobalan fruit), a new idea came to me: This Universe, has existed timelessly before, and will still exist for ever.
Imagine a form that exudes vulnerability as well as resolve, pliancy as well as recalcitrance, that features geometric shapes and is nonetheless organic, that looks provisional and yet is timelessly self-contained, that is alive with tension but still imparts a sense of calm, that suggests the most intimate eroticism while attesting to the most refined purity.
With Romeo et Juliette, he stripped the celebrated story of its theatrics in order for it to resonate more timelessly with generations of impassioned adolescents.
Timelessly elegant, the Lady Dior bag was given a modern make-over in cool ombre and colour pop shades this winter.
Together with the sophisticated SmartSteel refinement, the innovative material has a timelessly elegant feel.
Featuring the trademark Pink Floyd arch-and-circle light show, Brit Floyd's musical performance will be accompanied by amazing original video and brand-new animation, inspired by the timelessly brilliant artwork designs of long-time Pink Floyd collaborator Storm Thorgerson.
Crafted to the highest of European standards and produced from brass, with a polished chrome finish, this timelessly modern series embodies maturity and taste.