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Existing or taking place within the designated period; seasonable.

A legal action is timely filed, for example, when it is brought within the time period set by the Statute of Limitations.

The meaning of the term timely must, in a number of situations, be determined on the basis of the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Courts have extensive discretion in determining whether a particular party has acted in a timely manner in filing papers, serving notices, or bringing motions in a legal action.


adj. within the time required by statute, court rules or contract. Example: a notice of appeal is required to be filed within 60 days of the entry of judgment, so a notice filed on the 61st day is not "timely."

See: apposite, appropriate, favorable, felicitous, fitting, opportune, prompt, propitious, punctual, seasonable, suitable
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It seems as if this s not the timeliest of signing reactions, so I have already overheard pieces of others' reactions.
Today's issues are evolving more rapidly than ever before, and NRECA is working diligently to keep you informed in the timeliest manner possible.
Over the years, FERF has adapted its model to deliver relevant research in the timeliest manner.
With Netezza, we are able to quickly process data, ensuring that we have access to the timeliest information when making critical business decisions, said John Olsen, CIO, MetroPCS.
With a manufacturing base in New York and a factory in China, Elie International makes a solid promise to their customers that they will receive the highest quality items at the best prices and in the timeliest manner possible.
Kori Newkirk, Rank (LAXART, Los Angeles) Newkirk's installation this past summer was one of the timeliest artworks I've seen in a while.
Navy's most capable ships with the greatest amount of striking power and operational capability in the timeliest manner.
Therefore we are aiming to deliver the project in the timeliest manner given the unforeseen circumstances,C[yen] concluded Husain.
First Jody Craddock shook off the effects of Kevin Phillips' opening strike to administer the timeliest of equalisers.
Based on the idea that this book was written using the timeliest sources available to serve as advice for those in leadership positions, it has somewhat lower utility than if the author had had an opportunity to consider major post-9/11 military events.
Average hourly earnings of production and nonsupervisory workers provide the timeliest measure.
Lee Clark's timeliest of goals saved the home side the ignominy of derby defeat on home soil and salvaged a Premiership point, but it could not disguise the obvious.