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VAs current Third Party Administrators, Health Net Federal Services and TriWest Healthcare Alliance are committed to working with VA to improve the timeliness of payments to community providers.
Timeliness indicators proposed were: timeliness of notification, timeliness of investigation, timeliness of typing, timeliness of treatment and timeliness of case closure.
Valuation errors among stocks of average Timeliness are consistent with equivalence between analyst forecasts and market expectations; for these stocks valuation errors have zero mean, and intrinsic value appears to be an unbiased predictor of stock price with very high explanatory power.
If timeliness is so important to these producers, then how can you raise the bar in terms of your performance?
To improve monitoring of IDES timeliness and satisfaction, GAO recommends that DOD and VA work together to: (1) develop plans for completing the ongoing business process review and implementing any resulting recommendations and (2) improve the accuracy of case information at the point of data entry; and that (3) DOD consider alternative approaches to measuring satisfaction.
The following questions were formulated to determine the relationship between student perceptions of teaching presence and communication timeliness of instructors in online courses:
Although research on these previous studies provides a lot of useful information in understanding components in evaluating the handheld application usage, there are however lack of effort being given to integrate the timeliness measures of handheld application usage and towards measuring the timeliness of handheld application usage mathematically [15], [16].
Therefore, this paper tried to introduce product type as a variable to analyze the integrated influence of product type, quality, and timeliness of eWOM information on consumer's online purchase behaviors.
DOD, which comprises the vast majority of clearances, has made significant progress in reducing delays in making personnel security clearance decisions and meeting statutory timeliness objectives since GAO first designated DOD's personnel security clearance program as a high risk area in 2005.
Association between timeliness of reperfusion therapy and clinical outcomes in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction.
It showed that 83 percent of the time, Indiana met the timeliness goal of turning applications around in 30 days.
It is the timeliness of Science News that I look for.