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The timeout procedure is effective only if the environment from which the student is removed is more interesting and reinforcing than the isolation area (Bacon, 1990; Rutherford, 1978).
During Session 4, the timeout record was reviewed with both John and his mother.
Exclusion timeout involves removing the student from the reinforcing timein environment for a specified period of time.
Both Sharapova and Ivanovic are through the first round of the Open, and the statements that the Russian has made about penalizing medical timeouts have reached Ivanovic.
There was one instance of a timeout taken before a serving succession was started and this was not included in the analyses.
So Wisconsin had only one timeout left when Oregon's final drive started at its own 27-yard line after a fumble by Wisconsin receiver Jared Abbrederis with 4:06 left.
On the other hand, non-exclusionary timeout procedures do not have the same negative concerns as other timeout techniques.
My take on it is that (UCLA) had a chance to let the thing run out and then they called timeout, so you take what you get," Croson said.
in the timeout room were considered a seizure--a question that the court declined to decide--it was not unreasonable.
Why, for example, would a team driving the ball down the field with plenty of time left on the play clock use a timeout when one doesn't ostensibly seem necessary?
The use of seclusion timeout in school settings has again become controversial.
Call it the timeout, timeout, timeout, baseball bat approach to punishment.