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Symmetricom continues to hear from customers that they want and need TimeServer functionality, but they cannot afford to deploy and manage additional network elements such as standalone TimeServers.
Most workplaces have their fair share of bureaucrats, strutting bullyboys (or girls), timeservers, malingerers, good guys, bad guys, creeps - and occasional Pietersenstyle geniuses.
Broderick is critical of Defence for appointing timeservers rather than elite officers to ADFA as instructors.
My observation in London diocese is that the more orthodox and effective priests tend to be marginalized, sent off to the boondocks, while timeservers are often rewarded.
Browne and his successors as archbishop were neither timeservers nor ideologues; their manoeuvring and decision making were informed by too wide a set of influences for such narrow characterisation.
Anyone sat in the Senedd's public gallery Tuesday to Thursday would see less of that, and more - with some notable exceptions, as seen elsewhere on this page - people who have never held a job outside of politics, seat-blocking timeservers and over-promoted county councillors.
He has got that sense of substance beyond timeservers like Ray Wilkins, released, for one night only, to play at being manager.
Permanent contracts went out of favor because it was perceived that they produced ineffective, change-resistant timeservers in the civil service.
Even so, rebel blood ran in the veins of Arabella Churchill, just as it had in the great war leader, who never had time for the timid, timeservers or dullards.
I do a more thorough job, too, than those spot-checking timeservers from the USDA.
Surely there are some timeservers within all these groups, just as there are in reaching.
The event has been organised by the United Union of General Timeservers, who are promising `several interesting speeches by