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But now it's been brought exquisitely up to date by Timorous Beasties' fabric.
Some lassies there be who are cow'ran and timorous And others, by contrast, more witty and humorous.
Instead we have vacillation, loss of international credibility and timorous political manoeuvres the public cannot understand.
Grades 1-3 A quartet of timorous chickens learns to be brave.
The most secure societies seem by and large to be the most timorous, the most cowed by the prospect of future danger, whether probable or improbable" Daston writes.
But for those somewhat elderly and timorous - and also with a few ailments - such a celebration is a memory of the past.
From massive traffic jams caused by laughable security measures to bureaucratic snarls caused by poor (or non-existent) direction, every Lebanese is paying a daily price for the tawdry, tedious and timorous habits of the country's politicians.
I do not look upon them to be a warlike people, on the contrary, I think them a timorous [easily frightened] and inoffensive race.
Do not be distracted by traffic lights, of whatever shade of blue or pink; their only function is to confuse the timorous.
JULY 3-AUG 31 Take the kids on "safari" in Argyll to learn about the wild and timorous beasties inhabiting Glencoe.
For those of you tempted to jump on the Gorgie boys at 40-1 to be crowned champs, cut dramatically from 500-1 by timorous bookies, I've got a message: Don't waste your money.