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So small that it can do most of its business from Vice President Cheryl Kerzner's spare bedroom, Just Products banks on its tininess.
I had expected her to gain in height, attributing her tininess to the distant perspective of moments before, but it wasn't so.
Unfortunately, that tininess would make these dimensions undetectable with current methods.
The company's major challenge is the relative tininess of Portugal, with 10.
Note particularly the substantially smooth quality of the mid and upper bass, the gratifyingly slight magnitude of the stand-caused lower-midrange dip (250 Hz), the odd small peak around 600 Hz (which showed up consistently), and the tininess of the post-crossover peak at 4 kHz.
Tendresse ordinaire (1973), a film of uncertain temporal narration, relates the tininess of the characters to the vast spaces of the country that engulfs them; while in Les maudits sauvages (1971), the trapper's journey from the Indian encampment back towards civilization is simultaneously a journey from the stockades of the 17th century to the disco bars of present-day Montreal.