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Robinson, a self-described tinkerer, came up with the idea of a safety module to prevent such tragedies in the future.
Pindal is a tinkerer who loves all things mechanical, particularly trains.
It turns out that Gary is a shooter and gun tinkerer who had this happen to himself on more than one occasion, hence the lip around the base.
Fielding suggests that it is much better to be a master at one area of expertise than a tinkerer in many.
Washington, Sep 21 (ANI): Bid adieu to that daily hassle of tying your shoelaces before leaving from home, for now an amateur tinkerer has developed what could be called 'self-tightening Power Laces Shoes', inspired by the ones featured in Back to the Future Part II'.
THE ARCHIMEDES CODEX: HOW a Medieval Prayer Book Is Revealing the True Genius of Antiquity's Greatest Scientist REVIEL NETZ AND WILLIAM NOEL Some of the works of Archimedes--the Greek thinker and tinkerer who lived in 3rd-century B.
Every frustrated car tinkerer will identify with the Haynes Manual rip-off at bex.
Not wanting to condemn the tyke to parentlessness, Santa turned him over to an unmarried workshop tinkerer (Bob Newhart, just mildly there), who raised him as his own son.
A self-described tinkerer dating back to his Burlington days growing up in his dad's motorcycle shop, Wright found work in the early 1980s as an industrial arts teacher in Attawapiskat and northern Saskatchewan before moving back to Ontario.
RAY: But if you're a hobbyist or tinkerer or it's Saturday and you already cleaned the barbecue grill twice, and you know what you're doing, you can try this, Larry.