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A lifelong tinkerer, who holds a master's degree in nuclear engineering, Johnson got his first patent in 1977 by educating himself at the library and then filing all the applications.
I know most budding gun tinkerers only have one or two guns, they likely don't read magazines, and just want to get at it.
Thus passed an unassuming man, a devout Christian active in the temperance movement, a real mover-and-shaker during the early days of Texas, and an eccentric and dedicated tinkerer and experimenter.
A vendor of small household items by day, and a renowned tinkerer in his spare time, Guirola crafted his first bike - one that was 6.
The newest iPad went on sale in Australia early yesterday, and at the front of a line of fans hoping to get hold of the 4G-ready tablet computer was a tinkerer from California gadget-repair firm iFixit, who quickly took one apart for a Web blog.
Like many young boys, Hal is a bit of dreamer and a tinkerer.
For the novice gunsmith or tinkerer the Colt revolver is fraught with gremlins and black holes from which it's difficult to climb once committed.
A tinkerer and inventor from the age of 12, Jerry still had patents he was working on at the time of his death.
The midfield looks less authoritative and Babbel also has the problem of finding a team and sticking with it because he has a reputation as a tinkerer.
Judges include wind-up radio inventor Trevor Baylis and TV tinkerer Dick Strawbridge.
Every frustrated car tinkerer will identify with the Haynes Manual rip-off at bex.