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Once you start disassembling a gun more than needed for basic maintenance you're on the path to become a gun tinkerer.
The book leaves an impression of a man whose ideas about science and life continue to inspire inquisitive tinkerers, deep thinkers and explorers of mysteries.
At any given moment, millions of tinkerers and dreamers in garages, basements, and laboratories strive at breakneck speed to create something "better" that will once again change the fabric of our lives.
Politicians, the original tinkerers, seem incapable of following any kind of policy course without feeling the compulsion to change it, even when they have only recently put in place the changes themselves.
Journalist Parks, who is obviously pretty handy himself, describes the various tinkerers, tweakers and hackers who have devised everything from a necktie-tying machine to a car with a chemical toilet, a cellphone jammer and a go-kart with a turbine jet engine.
For the better part of 10 years at NORCAT's helm, Lake has been shaking hands with backyard tinkerers with big ideas, making intros between small entrepreneurs and industry heavyweights, while amassing a weighty Rolodex of hundreds of industry partners and network associates.
The Detroit News article concludes that Michigan became an economic powerhouse because it "nurtured and supported the ideas of tinkerers and inventors such as Henry Ford and Ransom Olds.
Wives Belinda and Pattie are neglected by husbands Neville and Eddie, compulsive tinkerers with gadgets who never quite fancy a family walk but can always raise the energy to get down to the pub.
Fiddling is the art of making connections and contrasts, and it depends on both tactile and conceptual tinkering--the Wright brothers were inveterate tinkerers.
The man who took computing out of the geeky world of garage tinkerers and into our daily lives is bent on moving further into our reality.
Part of the allure of racing was for tinkerers and mechanics to put together race cars that looked like everyday machines but were monsters wrapped in steel and rubber.