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A Texas Workforce Commission spokeswoman said the agency does not track how many businesses in Texas use a tip credit.
While the tipped employee must still report tips to determine his/her minimum wage for that week, the non-tipped employees don't get the tip credit and must be paid at least a minimum hourly wage in addition to whatever tips they are given in the tip share.
My tip is, 'Galingan mo naman 'tol next time,'' Gino says.
For your live-in nanny or au-pair, a personal gift would work better than a tip but if you're set on tipping your nanny, a week's pay should be a good amount, according to (http://time.
A spokesman said: "In general, as customers tend to pay directly at the till, there's not really the pressure to tip.
Some businesses enter into agreements with the IRS that state they will accept tip estimates in exchange for agreeing not to audit them and their employees.
Summary: ABHA: The habit of giving tips varies from one society to another, and even among members of society.
Federal law limits tip pooling arrangements among employees to those who typically receive tips (e.
No intention is expressed, and the tip seems offered to the business like any other feedback.
For example the article on tips for traveling with teenage grandchildren is not about tipping at all.
11-14, 2006 Gallup Lifestyle poll asked Americans what the appropriate percentage of a restaurant bill to leave as a tip is.
The hotline is similar to the long-operating national We-Tip line and a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department tip line.