tip off

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With their World Championship semi-final deadlocked at 7-7, O'Sullivan appeared to pick the tip off before charging out of the Sheffield arena and not returning for more than 15 minutes.
The catcher should be careful never to shift too early, as this may tip off the pitch to the hitter or enable the on-deck hitter or a runner on second to spot the location of the pitch and pass it on to the hitter.
The police after getting tip off raided Rakha Landhi but bandits opened fire on the police team resulting two police officials that included Younas Kather and Mubarik Nareju were martyred while four other police men named Altaf Soomro, Allah Dino, Billu Atta Mohammad and Fayyaz got injuries, injured were shifted to Civil Hospital Khairpur.
The local service has been available to local Tip Off Anonymous clients since last week Wednesday.