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Mr Darling, who was campaigning at a food and drink festival in Balloch, Loch Lomond, said the YouGov poll had shown that "every voter in Scotland can now tip the balance in this referendum".
would be prepared to try to tip the balance of power to the rebels, Azm was circumspect.
We know he will be able to score very well in the Premier League with his Elite League experience backing him up, so his power to increase our scoring should tip the balance for matches to go our way.
And that was enough to tip the balance with Blake and De Cruz storming home for a straight sets victory.
Gang leaders are nervous to part with someone who could serve as a bodyguard, or help tip the balance in a racial brawl.
It's shaping up to be a banner year for gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly straight candidates, many of whom could tip the balance of power and prevent proposed antigay legislation from passing in their states.
Campbell argues that as the parrot is so close to extinction, "almost any negative impact could be sufficient to tip the balance.
Broadway shows are the inspiration for many winning routines and the choice of costume can tip the balance in your favor.
Higher sales proceeds tip the balance from rental to condominium development, and allow developers to realize a higher, more attractive return on their land investment.
These and other Religious Right groups, Americans United asserts, were eager to get a vote on the FMA, put the results on guides and scorecards and use them to try to tip the balance in close House races around the country.
A scheme to clean up Tyneside streets is helping tip the balance in the fight against crime.
Joe Comuzzi could tip the balance as Secretary of State for federal economic development initiatives in Northern Ontario.