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Cleverly, stepping up in weight from light-heavy for the first time, tipped the scales at 14st 2lbs 5oz PETER CZIBORRA
Rocky tipped the scales at 12st 6lbs 11oz but Hearn insists his future remains in the division.
Jane and George Hunter, from Airdrie, entered their cocker spaniel Billy in the fat-fighting competition after he tipped the scales at 23.
Mayson Kynaston tipped the scales at 8lb 10oz when he was born on January 25.
Lutter tipped the scales at 186 1/2 pounds in his final attempt to make the required weight Friday evening.
Now known as the Jinniushan specimen, she stood roughly 5 feet, 5-1/2, inches tall and tipped the scales at 173 pounds, the three anthropologists estimate.
Even if Kerry had waited until every single provisional ballot was counted, the electoral vote would have still tipped the scales in the GOP's favor.
while the finished version tipped the scales at 5,500 lbs.
Rather than close the book on the experience, King called the human resources manager to find out what had tipped the scales in favor of the winning candidate.
The fact NeXpose was available as an appliance tipped the scales when weighing which solution we should go with," stated Briggs.
Jannine, who's 5ft 7in, was still carrying baby weight and tipped the scales at 17st 13lb last year.
It tipped the scales at 30lb and Robert had to land it without a net.