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Cleverly, stepping up in weight from light-heavy for the first time, tipped the scales at 14st 2lbs 5oz PETER CZIBORRA
Rocky tipped the scales at 12st 6lbs 11oz but Hearn insists his future remains in the division.
Jane and George Hunter, from Airdrie, entered their cocker spaniel Billy in the fat-fighting competition after he tipped the scales at 23.
Mayson Kynaston tipped the scales at 8lb 10oz when he was born on January 25.
Yves Tofu Wieners and Lightlife Tofu Pups tipped the scales at only five grams of fat each.
Jannine, who's 5ft 7in, was still carrying baby weight and tipped the scales at 17st 13lb last year.
A 6,268-SF home in west Little Rock's Chenal Downs neighborhood tipped the scales at $1.
THIS pike from Loch Awe tipped the scales at 35lb and took Bonnybridge angler Ricky Lapsley 30 minutes to land.
WIDE AWAKE: Baby Evie Jamison tipped the scales at 7lb 3oz when she was born on September 10 to proud mum Joanne from Middlesbrough.
It's a wink (and maybe a one-finger salute) to publications that caused her some misery over the past couple of years, printing unflattering photos with headlines saying she tipped the scales at 320 when she swears her peak was 207.
The rest come from the genus Karanisia, an ancient loris that tipped the scales at an estimated 2/3 pound.