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WALES NEWS SERVICE | Western Power Distribution director Philip Allen, left, project manager Robert Parker, taxi driver Stephen Vaughan, below, and four-year-old Mitzi Roasanna Steady were killed by a 32-tonne tipper truck
Little Mitzi Rosanna |Steady was killed after a tipper truck careered down a hill after losing control.
FESTIVE DELIVERY Tipper truck drops snow at family's home on Christmas Eve
The facility set up on a 15-acre site at Veerapanenigudem has initial production capacity of 500 truck mixers and 1,000 tipper trucks.
Section 3 (group c) 1) one (1) tipper truck with 7.
A BOY of three has been crushed to death by a tipper truck close to his home.
A TEENAGE driver has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving following a tipper truck crash in which two Welsh businessmen and a newlywed chauffeur died.
TWO men arrested after a 32-tonne tipper truck killed four people have been released on bail pending further inquiries.
FOUR people have died and several are injured after a tipper truck collided with vehicles and pedestrians on a hill, police said.
But the 26-year-old is not only comfortable behind the wheel of a tipper truck, she's passed a tough exam to hold an HGV operator's licence.
A FIRM was fined PS100,000 after a worker was crushed to death when a tipper truck overturned.
THREE members of the same family were killed in a crash involving three cars and a tipper truck near Tamworth.