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The manufacturer has added three new tipper trailer sizes to its existing range - two intermediary models and its smallest unit so far - as well as a 52m 3 cement bulker semi-trailer and a dedicated trailer for demolition material with a hydraulic door.
The Scania P410 Tippers have delivered excellent performance in our mining fields.
Italian tourists came in third place, with 11% of bars voting them as the worst tippers.
Italian tourists came in third place, with 11 per cent of bars voting them as the worst tippers.
Ziptip also solves tippers frustrations too, as many no longer carry cash but still want to give tips.
Corwen-based Ifor Williams Trailers spent three years of painstaking development work to improve their tipper trailers which are a favourite with builders, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners among others.
Five years ago an employee was terminated from Tippers because of blatant racial slurs.
Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, is introducing three tippers on its Prima platform by July 2011.
A MIDLAND fly tipper who dumped a lorry load of building materials in a quiet country lane has been given a conditional discharge for a year.
Despite these concerns, there is universal acknowledgement across Europe that American tourists are the most generous tippers.
On the launch, it was revealed that the futuristic platform called U-Truck will have 25 fully built tractors tippers and haulage trucks in the next 18 months, ranging from 16 to 49 tonne payload carry capacity.