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The new tipping proposal would disproportionately affect women, the Economic Policy Institute said in its report.
Personal tips are not allowed but some guests insist on tipping their server and even encourage the server to keep it to himself.
For your live-in nanny or au-pair, a personal gift would work better than a tip but if you're set on tipping your nanny, a week's pay should be a good amount, according to (http://time.
A Las Iguanas spokesman said: "Our tipping policy has been well established for around 20 years, and among other things, enables us to ensure that tips generously given by our guests are shared throughout the restaurant team so that everyone feels rewarded.
Regrettably, tipping has become a prevailing culture in other societies," she said.
Wright; TIPPING GUIDE FOR GRATUITOUS FOLKS; Trafford (Business and Finance) $35.
Insult Tipping is seen as an insult at restaurants in Iceland
Synopsis: According to a recent Gallup Poll on the topic of tipping, Americans report an average of 16% as the appropriate amount to tip for restaurant service, with most choosing either a 15% or a 20% tip.
Wohlfahrt, Authoritative Revelations on Tipping is an in-depth guide to just how much to tip, when and where.
Gladwell's 2000 book The Tipping Point, knowing that I admired Gladwell's reporting for The New Yorker magazine.