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The heart of Mexico's postal service is Pantaco, the dispatch center that Bodarte oversees in an industrial area of Mexico City, which is already in tiptop shape.
Gamon and Bragdon not only have ferreted out from recent research how the six zones of practical intelligence work, but also these authors have devised exercises "to stimulate the cells in the different brain zones" to maintain cellular activity and to keep all "cognitive zones" in tiptop shape (p.
To keep your live oak in tiptop shape, have the tree checked and, if necessary, pruned by a pro every five years or so.
Health suddenly mattered: I wanted always to feel tiptop, without chemical enhancement.
efficient light bulbs) and keeping controls in tiptop condition.
A body conditioning program is also necessary to get you back into tiptop shape.
Casting, which includes several major names of Russo cinema, is tiptop.
Because of his fierce red-orange hair, which he hated and threatened to dye, and did, on more than one occasion, leaving the half-look of his head strangely mottled, as if he had survived scarlet fever, which, in his embarrassment, he sometimes claimed he had, and because he spoke and acted with a certain insect abruptness yet showiness in spite of his childish size, more diminutive each year, and because Timothy is a grass, Tim the diminution, he's become an American Redstart, demonstrative at the tiptop of branches, che-wee, che-wee, che-wee.
I'm happy that I'm back and playing again, but of course I'm yet to get into tiptop shape,' said Escoto, who tore his ACL in January 27, 2017, in Filipino.
But Jack has put the inking on hold until his 104th birthday on April 6 while he works out to ensure his biceps are in tiptop form.