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From this point des Lupeaulx went on with a long tirade about the Grand Almoner and the dangers the government ran in relying upon the church and upon the Jesuits.
For a lawyer, you are the hardest man to keep to a point I ever saw," Ernest began his answer to the tirade.
I had opened my mouth to reply to this tirade, when with a crisp knock our landlady entered, bearing a card upon the brass salver.
Ralph, who was no common observer, was surprised to see that as this tirade proceeded, the manner of Lord Frederick Verisopht, who at the commencement had been twirling his whiskers with a most dandified and listless air, underwent a complete alteration.
This fine tirade sounded, however, to the ungodly sailor-boy like a mere "Pippi-pi.
She was already in the rapids of an ethical tirade about the "sickly medical notions" and the morbid admission of weakness implied in such an apparatus.
The hunters piled pell-mell out of the steerage, but as Leach's tirade continued I saw that there was no levity in their faces.
She stopped, out of breath but seething with the tirade yet to come.
You are the Duke's cousin, and you were not included in his tirade.
A harsh laugh from Comrade Ossipon cut the tirade dead short in a sudden faltering of the tongue and a bewildered unsteadiness of the apostle's mildly exalted eyes.
He listened to the whole tirade in a particular lending-the-ear attitude, as if trying to detect a false note in it somewhere; then straightened him- self up and appeared to ponder sagaciously over the matter.
During this tirade Razumov, facing the General, had nodded slightly twice.