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and she said, 'We came to save you, but I was tired, and couldn't keep awake, and fell off and hurt myself, and couldn't get on again.
She had wandered about long enough to feel too tired to wander any farther, and she turned back.
And after a while they got used to walking such a lot and did not get so tired and enjoyed the life of travel very much.
I am really not tired, which I almost wonder at; for we must have walked at least a mile in this wood.
But this was one of the points on which the lady shewed her strength; and when he recommended the advantage of resting herself a quarter of an hour at Winthrop, as she felt so tired, she resolutely answered, "Oh
After he had travelled a little way, he spied a dog lying by the roadside and panting as if he were tired.
He was so tired, though, that he had to light, at last,
He remembered then that it was Sunday and he could go to the Athelnys; he thought of the roast beef and the Yorkshire pudding they would eat; but he was fearfully tired and could not face the happy, noisy family.
She must have been very tired for she fell asleep at once, but after an hour or two of dreamless sleep, she dreamt.
I'm just tired out -- that is what is the matter with me," she said, when she thankfully found herself alone in her own room.
Liverpool was a little tired of answering questions, and more than a little tired of this mysterious client.