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In the time that we shared in the Senate floor, I have known him as a tireless worker and a very "hands-on" Senate President, whose unique zeal and work ethic had led to many important laws that benefited our people," said the Senate leader.
For Tireless, once one of Britain's key Cold War assets, the fruitless hunt was the last assignment before being decommissioned after 30 years in the fleet.
Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless, foreground, has arrived to help in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Chief executive of Cardiff-based Keep Wales Tidy Lesley Jones said: "The awards are a celebration of our volunteers' tireless and important work and we are delighted to host this annual event.
Mrs Lamplugh, who received an OBE in 1992, was a tireless campaigner for everything from making minicabs and trains safer to the treatment and sentencing of sex offenders to protecting victims of stalking and harassment.
TIRELESS CAMPAIGN: Bill Hawker MURDERED: Lindsay Hawker and, left, her killer Tatsuya Ichihashi
Summary: Tangier - Morocco, a country that stands by African states, makes tireless efforts to uphold the interests of the continent, the foreign minister of the Comoros said on Thursday in Tangier.
Good to know that such tireless efforts are being made including 'secret talks between diplomats of Bahrain and other countries' and 'we worked in secrecy to get them released'.
What is the paleoanthropologists' evidence that Ardi had not yet shed her fur coat and gained the advantage of superior heat loss in tireless pursuit of game?
Summary: In appreciation of exceptional performance and tireless efforts of employees, ATICO Fakhreldin Group recently held its first ever "Manager of the Year" celebrations, at Wild Jordan CafE[umlaut].
The WAPDA officials removed the fault after their tireless efforts and restored two units of 220 MW on 10th July 2009.
Operator Mechanic Anthony Huntrod, 20, was trapped more than 150m below a thick crust of ice following the blast on the HMS Tireless at around 8pm on March 21 2007.