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During this period Titian enjoyed a particularly close relationship with Pietro Aretino, who was tirelessly active as his agent and publicist; as her title suggests, Freedman's purpose is to make the fullest possible use of Aretino's voluminous Lettere as a means of evaluating the various ways in which Titian's contemporaries - especially his sitters - responded to his portraits.
Bob has fought tirelessly for years against the tide of condemnation and misinformation regarding "heavy metal" pigments.
Hosting record-breaking attendance as the largest gathering of the LGBT community in Southern California, CSW board members, staff and volunteers work tirelessly to create opportunities to advance the rights and equality of all human kind.
Generations ofKeith's family have tirelessly supported the club and he and his wife Carol have continued the process.
Worked tirelessly, both on the deck and on his feet, tackling his heart out and taking the fight to the opposition with some powerful carrying.
At NAIFA, we work tirelessly to bring our members the most current industry practice information, training, and education available.
Kevan and Frances have worked tirelessly to promote the short term break service where carers look after children for short periods to give their parents a rest.
Also working tirelessly were chairs Kathryn Denos, NCTM, composition; Jeanne Grealish, NCTM, junior; Mallie Riecken, NCTM, senior; and Charles Asche, young artist, who carried out the successful competitions in Long Beach.
Sir Digby has worked tirelessly for Britain's biggest business group since his appointment five years ago and has been asked to stay on an extra two years.
She fought tirelessly against the evils of the reservation system ruled by cruel white agents.
She worked tirelessly to free her son, appealing to officials in Congress and holding rallies on her son's behalf and at the Pakistani consulate in Los Angeles.
The two experts and collaborators have tirelessly labored to present their up-to-date findings that the root cause of heart disease and "hardening of the arteries" may not be excess fat, but rather a microbiological infection that can be treated and cured without the necessity of surgical intervention.