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I know my quarterly report on the Foundation has grown tiresomely repetitive.
And her tiresomely predictable son David always hates them.
The ever prolific Elvis Costello's latter period has been clouded by his tiresomely superior-thanthou approach.
But [he] also has the novice fiction writer's inability to self-edit, to toss out both the needlessly clever and the tiresomely familiar.
Robinson's book is an interesting and welcome addition to a subject that, for want of such new direction, has grown tiresomely irrelevant to many readers in the twenty-first century.
And that was the ONLY proper chance - penalties apart - of a tiresomely tetchy game.
I wish Watkins had managed this task more gracefully--his book is at once repetitive and digressive, as well as tiresomely written--but still, he makes the points that need to be made.
We run a subject into the ground when we harp tiresomely on that subject, but we run something to ground when we find it.
To Harris, writes Calvocoressi, arguments for not attacking Dresden must have seemed tiresomely irrelevant.
At deeper levels, its preoccupations remain the same: the great flow of any existence; the sometimes intensely lived consciousness of our relation, via the tiresomely yet exquisitely physical sense of incarnation, to a kind of otherness; the intangible mystery of, say, a self's dawning genius or a hawk swooping down upon the wrist or "great slate clouds racing along through the sky"; some force that buoys up and authorizes the very precariousness the mind can at once feel and surpass at certain moments.
As a typical 'rhetoriqueur', Thenaud cultivates a tiresomely obscure, allusive, and self-consciously learned style.
Another Canadian, countertenor Matthew White (as an overly foppish Bacchus), also sang well, although Drew Minter's direction of the role seemed tiresomely over the top.