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They also detested Paul's "unsavoury" proclivities, which included a fondness for grandiose festivities, tiresomely exhortatory parrots and crushingly ornate tiaras, to say nothing of his vainglorious obsession with his physical beauty and the application of rouge when appearing in public.
I know my quarterly report on the Foundation has grown tiresomely repetitive.
And her tiresomely predictable son David always hates them.
A number of tables and charts help to summarize some of the analystical content, and one wishes that Bertagnolli might have had more faith in the ability of these visual aids to convey the information that is more tiresomely duplicated in prose.
But [he] also has the novice fiction writer's inability to self-edit, to toss out both the needlessly clever and the tiresomely familiar.
They just have to churn out tiresomely repetitive decoration, limited to naive production of no distinction.
Robinson's book is an interesting and welcome addition to a subject that, for want of such new direction, has grown tiresomely irrelevant to many readers in the twenty-first century.
Despite his own ideological preferences, he refuses to connect events into a predetermined pattern that appears inevitable only in hindsight to smug historians, although his formulaic and repeated use of race, class, and gender becomes tiresomely predictable.
All his subsequent travelogue observations are tiresomely tailored toward this initial and unexamined hypothesis: the great masses of non-Arab Muslim peoples are still considered, in Naipaul's eyes, "converts.
Its language is tiresomely raw, perhaps appropriate in a movie laced with traffic accidents.
And that was the ONLY proper chance - penalties apart - of a tiresomely tetchy game.
However, these are rather tiresomely repeated with very limited use of abbreviations and there is no consolidated bibliography, a real loss in a work aiming to be an introduction for students and non-specialists.