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Recommendation P Taylor most 180s 1pt 6-5 Boylesports Anderson v Lewis Adrian Lewis has been involved in three titanically close tussles and this promises to be just as tight.
Arsene Wenger's artists are sometimes referred to as Barca-lite, a disparaging reference to their aspirations of, but inability to, match Barcelona's titanically talented team.
Billed third, just behind Cooper and Wright, Ruth received a career's worth of praise for this one supporting role, from The New York Times' affectionate observation that he "wrangles titanically in a couple of scenes" to the New York Herald Tribune's bald statement: "Babe Ruth plays himself with remarkable honesty.
The self-absorbed Swede has a history of getting ideas above his station, proving titanically temperamental at both Ajax and Inter Milan, and his latest outburst came via his agent.
SHOWBIZ 1 British actress Kate Winslet blubbed titanically at the Golden Globes and set new standards for emotional acceptance speeches, but can you name the two films which she won the awards for?
Broad Oak were eventually beaten by five wickets in a low scoring and titanically tense scrap, which was not without its moments of skulduggery and discord, directed both at the opposition and sadly the officials.