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Old Bashti sat near, taking his customary heavy tithes out of each advance, his three old wives squatting humbly at his feet and by their mere presence giving confidence to Van Horn, who was elated by the stroke of business.
Aora, who might be described as his prime minister and treasurer, had received the tithes as fast as they were paid over, and filled them into large, fine-netted bags of coconut sennit.
trifling as the small tithes mentioned in Scripture are, when
Looking after his tithes, hang'un (only he used the same wicked word).
The National Library of Wales and the Farmers' Union Wales are displaying a number of tithe maps at the pavilion.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: improvement of heating systems in the tithe barn imec and acoustic comfort in the lodge archives at the abbaye d~ardenne to saint-germain-la-blanche-herbe (14).
The tithe maps, as they are known, were drawn up after the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836, and predate the large-scale Ordnance Survey maps which had not yet begun in Wales.
To date, the bank's total tithe donations total USD8.
The commitment to stewardship brought the parish together to tithe 10% of its weekly income to various situations, persons, agencies, and those in need.
What Tithe Farmhouse in Alderminster, Warwickshire, lacks in decorative finesse it makes up for in character and historic presence.
Fuchs One Stop Shop of Gerry Refil and Jovy Abella defeated Java Tithe 77-70 to claim their first ever championship trophy from JBL at the Bin Mahfouz basketball court here in Jeddah.
CHURCH'S CREDIT UNION LINK TO FIGHT PAYDAY LOANS Samantha Laight: Bet they're worried they wont get their 10% tithe from everyone's income.