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There's nothing like the smell of a good curry to titillate taste buds which is why we've created a special scratch and sniff version of the leaflet.
This week, Ann Summers announced plans to publish its Guide To Wild Sex, the latest in a long line of manuals which promise to teach not titillate.
Michael Clark had returned, and was once again aiming to titillate and shock.
Gold Indigoes achieves moments of manifest beauty that vibrate the spine and titillate the skin, tempting the reader to be brave against conjugal love's fire.
It's just that when you sensationalize war crimes, genocide, or famine through graphic images, when the pictures are there to titillate and shock, they objectify and dehumanize the participants, and reinforce a notion of an inbred, almost genetic barbarity that transcends history and politics, a barbarity that can't be changed.
Cloverfield is nothing less than 9/11 porn, using the images of that black day - collapsing landmarks (the Statue of Liberty and Empire State here), billowing mountains of smoke, appalled crowds fleeing across the Brooklyn Bridge - to titillate and amuse gum-chewing morons in the Mid West.
This collection is better suited to older readers; it may titillate fans of South Park and the recent A.
Delving into one or two schools of architecture, or infiltrating one of a handful of competition teams, you might find a different consciousness, with few forms that are easy on the eye and few easy explanations to titillate you.
There was absolutely no journalistic necessity for that piece of information to show up in the interview other than to titillate and to puff up Mr.
Bourgeois's own recalcitrance is legendary, encompassing her astounding longevity and lucidity as well as a retinue of provocative figural sculptures and narrative drawings that shock and titillate with their obsessive fixation on sex and taboo.