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Who can deny being titillated by the affair between Mark Herron and Peter Allen--while the former was married to Judy and the latter to her daughter Liza?
Assuming the Position, author Rick Whitaker's tell-all about his days juggling drugs, a job at a publishing house, and work on the sly as a prostitute, has titillated everyone from New York magazine to National Public Radio.
Their Viagra experiment - where they gave three men a pill before packing them off to a hotel with their partners - will have titillated some viewers while shocking others.
WHITE HOUSE lawyers last night slammed the Starr report, claiming it only "embarrassed the President and titillated the public".
Will we still be as titillated by these cross-dressing tropes, or will they seem hopelessly retro?
Are we still so sexually repressed that we crave to be titillated by scenes of nudity and simulated sex?