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When she played a mascara-painted schoolgirl in a video and titillated mid-life crisis-sufferers like Alastair Campbell.
Ensler's genius was in taking a very clinical word that makes a lot of people uncomfortable and demythologizing it, transforming it into the centerpiece of a real girl-power show that guys titillated by the title would take in as well.
Who can deny being titillated by the affair between Mark Herron and Peter Allen--while the former was married to Judy and the latter to her daughter Liza?
Assuming the Position, author Rick Whitaker's tell-all about his days juggling drugs, a job at a publishing house, and work on the sly as a prostitute, has titillated everyone from New York magazine to National Public Radio.
WHITE HOUSE lawyers last night slammed the Starr report, claiming it only "embarrassed the President and titillated the public".