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65) What could be more titillating and more dangerous?
Highberger's feature documentary on one of Andy Warhol's drag entourage, Superstar in a Housedress: The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis, offered up titillating anecdotes about a funny and vital figure in Manhattan's cultural underworld.
Of course, ABC used titillating headlines to snare an audience: "'Kinsey' Star Talks About Sex Researcher" and "The Man Who Let a Nation Discuss Sex.
NEW YORK, May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrity Skin #128 salutes the titillating teens that dance through your dreams.
I don't think in any way it was meant to be titillating really.
In the following chapters, Bellabarba shows how it became international scandal, tied in to fears of Spain, Italy, popish plots, as well as titillating matters of sex, corruption at court, and the supremely horrific crime of poisoning; he deals beautifully, for example, with the way in which public suspicion and Sir Edward Coke's explicit linking of this "powder poison" with the "powder treason," Gunpowder Plot, fed on one another, and thereby fed into rumors of Somerset's involvement in the death of Prince Henry and of Somerset and/or Spanish plots to kill the royal family, the council, the nobility.
But unlucky Tony, 24, says he always misses the titillating treat because he isn't looking in the right direction.
In the first of the ads, a young man is seen rejecting the blandness of his girlfriend's sandwiches to go in search of an unwholesome but titillating Pot Noodle.
The skimpy thongs - emblazoned with titillating phrases like "Angel/ Devil" and "Gorgeous Girl" - are on sale at Tammy Girl shops throughout the UK.
The textures of skin and muscle are elegant throughout, but it is also plainly titillating.
There is something titillating about mesmerism, as the jacket illustration of Alison Winter's book clearly shows.